Chai chai – my book review

The author who blogs at likes three things Women, whisky and kishore Kumar. Except faint aquaintences with them, I love the prism in which he sees them and puts them into words. The camaderie which he built over the years with readers like me was tempting enough to buy (sorry rent) ‘Chai Chai’ from well known rental library.

Longing for a light hearted reading to kindle my bibliophile, this book (rather I say book of notes) gave me the right start.

Being a small town guy myself, I can relate to author’s view point. I can bet Kanpur cannot be lesser than Tiruchirapalli. Aspiring 2nd generation families starting it out on mills/factories salary, pressurizing parents, hard working kids, sweating out on dusty grounds,making out in big unknown metros, rueing in the begining but making peace later.

Journeys become part of these dichotomic people, that trains are like their third legs. Don’t tell me that you always wanted to stop by villupuram or karur if you happen to travel by Mysore or rockfort express. The author does the job for you. He travels around the country half of it, weaves stories around the places and people.

All my 10 years of travelling life in the great indian railways, two modes of amenities comfort me during the long night aborde. Ghosh likes simple travels mostly with notebook(not the laptop), pens, buying towels,customary medimix whenever needed.

Stays at accesible places from the station at odd hours, strikes conversation with unlikely people whom he mostly meets at bars.

Everytime a train stops by, at a station, think of the life system that it has to offer to it’s inhabitant and passerbys. Each has a story or telltale the book author tries to put through.

Give a try, carry this book on your next itinerary to your home town, you won’t regret it.

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2 Responses to Chai chai – my book review

  1. janani sampath சொல்கிறார்:

    I love the book… totally agree with your views on the book…nice read

  2. vandy சொல்கிறார்:

    good read..
    You urself write so well.

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