Twitter and social media

Is it relevant to post ‘blog updates’ on twitter? Yes definitly.  Are we not abusing twitter? And again Yes. When RSS feeds enables readers to subscribes to updates, why spam Twitter with invisible links with invisible content, where RSS feeds atleast shows, if not the full post , a snippet.

You may trust your followers to provide you the right content in hidden URL. But a fatigue sets in , when you have too many links to open wondering what might be in it for.  Now has come with Publicize. It allows users to post updates automatically , so that your followers will be updated as soon as it is posted. You can customize the tweet content as well.

This incessant updates would kill twitter, where people [ a small part of it] use it for conversations. Ideas born of it, problems get solved when people collaborate not exchange with links explaining the possible solution for the given problem.

This makes me wonder about how Google Wave might be and also feel happy about.  If my guesses are correct they should design similar to Google reader share links with Content or  Note or both. They also vote their likeness, Star them.

Lets not kill social media specially twitter when people were allowed to argue in 140chars not 60 minutes when experts blabber and audiences are only texting their opinion.

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