Is Google the becoming the Yahoo of the early 2000?

I remember the day when i almost  jumped out of  the chair, after i created site in geocities. Editing HTML was so easy it was like child play,except the annoying ad widget.  Although i have two yahoo ids now, one which was created because my full name as yahoo id was available.

When i say Google the new yahoos, not in a negative way, but the number of services they offer are tantamount to what yahoo used to offer. Think of the gamut of services beyond Mail. Documents, Sites, Reader,Maps,etc. All these would have been in yahoo’s roadmap more or less.

Other companies like Microsoft and Zoho are offering similar services, but GMAIL is the pivotal product after search engine , which made users stick to it. Like your neighbourhood grocery store, where you would wait to get favourite Cheese even though its available at the  next store at a discounted price. Its all with the familiarity.

Gmail shutdown has been sore point oflately, but not a major concern.  I beginning to notice the offline feature for most of the Google services. Hip hip hurrah for that. Gmail, GDocs, GReader all have it with the support of Google Gears. Its a good and proactive to go beyond SaaS , but offering a desktop solution is Nah Nah for me and for most of you.  But i would like to get my hands dirty, because i trust my neighbourhood store man. He always delivers.

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