Four rules to painless Google Reader

Are you dealing with Mark All as Read problem in Google Reader? Yes i faced it too, but not anymore. It has become the thing of the past, thanks to my appetite for reading and little bit thinking.

The universe started with bloglines, yes still it a pretty awesome tool for reading blogs. But hey everyone moves on when they find pretty new girl.

Coming to the MAR problem, think of what you absolutely need , when you need and how much you need?. Be ruthless in subscribing to blogs, not for the heck of it.

  • Unsubscribe blogs that are updated daily , most probably  community blogs that are authored by many. And if you think you would miss a thing, dont worry , subscribe to an user who reads that blog. When he thinks someting good is available, he would share it.
  • Unsubscribe blogs that dont offer full content. Whats the point in subscribing to their feed and still a click is required to their website. Remember these bloggers are so popular , still they prefer traffic hits to be increased.
  • Never ever ever ever subscribe to feed bundles. I know you would love to know what Paul Krugman or Thomas Friedman reads, but the knowing business cant leap forward into reading.
  • Organize the feed content by moving to relevant folders of your choice.Spend a day or less trending your subscriptions. Add/Delete/Organize. Its worth a penny.

Grow your subscription list based on your reading habbit. Let there be zero Unread Count in your reader rather thanbecoming a fan of

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